Monday, 21 January 2013

University Faculty Away Day in Manchester

Faculty Away Day
At the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences University Away Day today at the Manchester Convention Centre, there was a talk from Tony Freemont, the head of undergraduate education at The University of Manchester. He discussed the new technologies that have been introduced to medical students. All students are being supplied with iPads now, which has transformed the delivery of education. Students now no longer have to attend lectures, and students around the world can partake in a global health unit. Whereas previously, students had to attend courses to get to grips with technologies that the university delivers, whereas this is now the opposite, and students are asking the university why they don't have particular technologies available for them to integrate apps and other novel methods of learning into their courses. Tony has an excellent blog which is well worth following to keep up to date with Manchester Medical School Matters:  Prof Freemont's Med School Matters blog

Grant Applications
The number and value of research applications coming through nationally has gone down in 2008-10, but in the last year the proportion of applications has gone up by 64.9%. There's an integrated research support service for academics in the research deanery, run by Graham Cadwallader. 

You can keep in contact with the research deanery via their twitter feed on @RD_UOM
By the way I also have a twitter feed which I try to keep updated with interesting new in press publications on @drhectorchinoy
There was also an interesting dance by the dean, Ian Jacobs, Faculty Dean with some of the other senior members of staff! I'll send you a link if you are interested in seeing this - not brave enough to post on Youtube!
The University of Manchester has a new(ish) logo which you should all use for any future presentations. The link is here

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year

Dear all

Welcome, as Programme Director of the Rheumatology MSc programme at The University of Manchester, I thought it would be useful to start off a blog to improve communications with past, present and future students on our course.

I'll try to use this blog to keep you updated about developments in the Rheumatology MSc course and anything else interesting I come across. Please use it to post (constructive) comments and feedback.

The main things I'm working on at the moment are trying to freeze fees for the coming year, and introducing new technologies into the course.

Best Wishes for the New Year

Hector Chinoy